What To Wear Under Your Graduation Gown

Some institutions have formal dress codes, some do not, but if you are being graduating at a ceremony, then here are some things to consider when deciding what to wear on the day.

The first thing is to go for a classic look where you are the centre of attention, not what you are wearing under your gown. Your photograph is going to be on the wall for a long time! 

After all  the time, energy and money you have invested to gain your award, spend a few minutes preparing to look your best when you receive public recognition for your achievement. 

Then there is the graduation hood. This is worn around the neck and over the gown. It will have a loop on the neck band so you can hold it in place with a button on a shirt or blouse. It can be pinned but this can leave a mark or a tear on the shirt or top, so avoiding the use of pins is good.

If you are wearing a tie, the neckband of the hood can be worn under or over it. Some people say there is a protocol for this, but it isn't a rule we have so far seen written down anywhere and it is matter of taste and preference. 

Weather is also a factor to bear in mind. The robes were originally designed to keep out the cold in so they can make you very warm. On warm days, wear lightweight clothes as changing once you are robed may not be convenient. You may have to return to the Robing Room to get your hood, gown and hat adjusted before the ceremony to ensure you look your best.

Finally, hair. The wearing of hats is traditional in many places. They come in a number of styles, the most common often known as "mortar boards". They do not accommodate lumps and bumps like buns, hair ties, pony tails, spiky gelled hair etc very easily. So please bear in mind that your carefully prepared hairstyle may be squashed or otherwise spoiled by the hat, so try to keep your hairstyle relatively simple for this day.

Our mortarboards are subtly elasticated and need hairgrips less often than more traditional  mortarboards. However hairgrips are available in the Robing Room just in case.

We hope you have found this information useful. Ultimately the ceremony is a fun day for all, and with the right clothes under your robes, you will relax and enjoy the day to the full.